The 7 Best Evening Primrose Shampoos of 2024

Evening Primrose Shampoo is made from the evening primrose plant, a flower native to the cool Mediterranean climate.

Evening primrose flowers have 5 heart-shaped petals. Evening primrose flowers have many colors such as white, yellow, green, red, and purple... In addition to the beauty of evening primrose flowers, people have extracted some of these oils which have been a part of human culture for millennia.

Evening primrose oil is widely used in foods, both in cooking and as a supplement, and used as a fuel such as in oil lamps, and as a substitute for petroleum-based fuels.

One of the other uses is to make evening primrose shampoo. It has the properties and uses of moisturizing and skincare, with the seductive scent of evening primrose oil and many other benefits for humans. Below are the uses of evening primrose essential oil that you may be interested in:

Is Evening Primrose Good for Your Hair?

Evening primrose shampoo product is rich in fatty acids, its use is to moisturize hair and restore damage to dry and broken hair. Using evening primrose oil shampoo makes hair healthier, and shiny and significantly reduces hair breakage thanks to the high essential fatty acid content in evening primrose oil.

It promotes hair growth thanks to its special content of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Nourishing the scalp and improving blood circulation, many studies show that evening primrose oil has anti-dandruff properties, can soothe scalp irritation, and stimulate the scalp to fight eczema. or psoriasis

Evening primrose shampoo increases hair shine if used every day. However, as with any new product used, it is essential to carefully read and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Even though it is considered safe, you need to pay special attention to your sensitive skin if you have it!

Top 7 Best Evening Primrose Shampoo Reviews

Check out our evening primrose shampoo reviews, benefits, and ingredients. Thereby you can see if they suit your hair!

1. John Frieda Midnight Brunette Visibly Deeper Shampoo

A moisturizing shampoo and conditioner set made with natural evening primrose oil and cocoa, to help nourish dry, damaged hair and leave it smooth and shiny.

Evening primrose shampoo is a blend of ingredients, ingredients, and unique natural combinations from nature to bring out enchanting shades and colors of hair.

John Frieda Visible Deeper Evening Primrose Shampoo and Conditioner are formulated to help those with naturally brown and even color-treated hair achieve the desired intensity.

Explore deep browns, go darker, and wash your hair with cool chocolate tones, to add volume, and give your hair a light texture and depth.

Evening Primrose Oil and Natural Cocoa

Cleansing, Hydrating, Moisturizing, Nourishing, Shine 

Product Dimensions: ‎2.87 x 0.13 x 6.22 inches; 8.3 ounces

Item model number: ‎28196

UPC: 717226281969

Manufacturer: ‎Kao USA Inc.


2. Babo Botanicals Smoothing Shampoo

Babo Botanicals Smoothing Berry 2 in-1 Shampoo, plant-based from evening primrose oil and combined with cocoa butter, helps eliminate frizz & anti-static and is suitable for use by all ages.

Made from natural organic ingredients, lightly scented with a soft berry scent. Sulfate-free evening primrose shampoo gently smoothes and nourishes hair providing soothing comfort and soothing skin.

To create foam and rinse thoroughly, add more water to make your skin wetter. Massage gently all over your hair to let the evening primrose oil shampoo so the antioxidants can absorb evenly. Adults with sensitive skin do not affect health.

Wash, Detangling & Nourishing, Eliminates Frizz & Prevents Static, Evening Primrose Oil is a light Berry Fragrance for all ages 

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎No

Product Dimensions: ‎7 x 6 x 5 inches; 1 Pounds

Manufacturer recommended age: ‎3 months and up

Item model number: ‎8012

UPC: ‎899248002019

Manufacturer: ‎Babo Botanicals, LLC


3. Lisap Top Care Repair Elixir Care Shining Shampoo

Lisap Top Care Repair Elixir Care Shining shampoo contains evening primrose essential oil, which is recommended by doctors for people with dry, broken hair.

Evening primrose, monoi, and Argan essential oils combined with coconut oil can soothe dry, brittle hair. It is the main ingredient that helps keep hair moisturized and smoother. Thanks to its sulfate-free nature, your hair will not be damaged when you color, perm, or straighten it.

To maximize hair moisture, apply a small amount of shampoo to damp hair, and gently massage hair evenly before rinsing with plenty of warm water. Repeating it will bring back shine to your hair.

Intense moisturizing effect. Has a pH level of 5-6 units. Dermatologically tested.

Item Weight: ‎1.06 Pounds

UPC: ‎046139594898

Manufacturer: ‎Lisap


4. John Frieda Visibly Deeper Color Deepening Treatment

John Frieda uses a hair-nourishing formula with cocoa and evening primrose oil, designed to darken brown hair in just 5 minutes, bringing back color, and mesmerizing shade. 

The evening primrose shampoo blend is a product to enhances treatments for dry hair, helping to better moisturize hair. The natural texture of the hair is not disrupted at all because the product does not contain ammonia and peroxide.

4 ounces conditioner plus 8.3 ounces for brown hair by John Frieda for versatile color treatment. These two hair care products complement each other to make hair strong and healthy, helping to experience deep moisture and hydration, taking the hair to a new level.

The treatment deepens the color

Nourishes dry hair

Brings brilliant shine to hair

5. Joico K-PAK Daily Reconstructing Shampoo

This gentle yet powerful shampoo cleans your scalp and hair, it has a very pleasant scent and it makes your hair shiny, improving its elasticity.

K-PAK Hydrator acts as a treatment to increase moisture better than other shampoos and is not affected when the color is treated with heat or the effects of external factors such as harsh environments.

With a formula containing Keratin to nourish and repair damaged hair, just like the conditioner in shampoo, it can create great experiences for those with thin, dry, and easily damaged hair. 

Increases shine, improves elasticity, and repairs visible damage over the years

Product Dimensions: ‎2 x 2 x 8 inches; 10.1 ounces

Item model number: ‎2620524

UPC: ‎074469517454

Manufacturer: ‎Joico