Food That Starts With C: 7 Best Canned Chicken Brands of 2024

Regular chicken is low in fat and contains high protein content and variety, contains three times more polyunsaturated fat than other meats

Canned chicken is the most popular food in the world. Chicken meat is becoming popular in many families' meals because raising chickens is relatively easy and costs less than other animals such as pork and beef.

Nutritionists highly appreciate chicken because it is healthier than red meat. Regular chicken is low in fat and contains high protein content and variety. Chicken contains three times more polyunsaturated fat than other meats. A 100g serving of chicken contains 4 grams of fat and 31 grams of protein, compared to 10 grams of fat which is 27 grams of protein.

The benefits of canned chicken are convenience in storage, and good for people who need to lose weight. Phosphorus in chicken helps strengthen bones, it helps the central nervous system work more effectively thanks to an amino acid called tryptophan. This substance can calm the nervous system after a tiring day of work, bringing good sleep.

Is Canned Chicken Healthy?

Canned chicken gives you plenty of protein, selenium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, and niacin, but low in fat. In particular, chicken fat is high in Omega 3 and does not contain transfats (the substance that increases LDL and reduces HDL). In addition, canned chicken also contains a lot of vitamins A, E, C, B1, B2, PP, and mineral salts of calcium, phosphorus, and iron. It works to support your body against cancer!

The Best Canned Chicken Brands 

Swanson Premium White Chunk Chicken Breast: Made with 100% pure chicken breast meat, this best Canned chicken breast is perfect for adding to salads or sandwiches.

Kirkland Signature Premium Chicken Breasts: Kirkland Signature canned chicken is made with 100% white chicken with fewer calories and fat than other canned chicken breasts giving you canned chicken recipes the best box.

Valley's 100% Fresh Natural White Chicken: The Best Brand of Canned Chicken, This Chicken is Natural and It's Free of Preservatives which is great for your health, making it an option Top healthy for people who are on a diet.

7 Best Canned and Boxed Chickens, According to Chefs

Kirkland Signature canned chicken breast is a favorite you can find at Costco. The signature brand was created to deliver quality canned chicken calories and value with every Kirkland Signature product they introduced...

Free-range chicken is raised with organic food - canned chicken breast is baked right in the box to retain all its natural, delicious flavor right out of the box...

Canned white chicken breast provides 15 grams of protein per 3 oz serving, no fat, more than simply adding to your salads, crackers, or looking for canned chicken breast recipes...

Kirkland's canned chicken products are of such high quality that they are perfect for your recipes, from family meals to road trips with canned chicken meals...

With 100% natural ingredients, perfect for you to use chicken salad recipes using canned chicken for family meals...

Cooked, antibiotic-free premium canned chicken, with 15 grams for a 3-ounce serving, perfect for the dieter and perfect for adding an extra source of protein to your dishes...

Whether you're on a low-carb, "flexible" or gluten-free diet. Canned chicken soup with ready-to-eat nutrition for you to choose from. Is canned chicken healthy? Your food is your choice... 

The 7 Best Canned Chicken Reviews

1. Kirkland Signature Chicken Breast

                        best canned chicken dinner 

When it comes to dinner options, Kirkland Signature's canned chicken breast offers a convenient and versatile option for family dinners.

Kirkland Signature Canned Chicken Breasts are made from boneless chicken breasts and are cooked completely canned in water, providing not only a good source of protein but also helping you meet your daily nutritional needs.

You can use this canned chicken salad recipe as a salad topping, add it to sandwiches or wraps, or combine it with pasta dishes or stir-fries, to add richness to the recipes with canned chicken.

Canned chicken is a high-protein, low-calorie food. This canned chicken breast is relatively low in fat and carbohydrates, making it perfect for people trying to control their weight.

Great flavor


3.5 servings per 12.5-ounce can

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎ No

Package Dimensions: ‎ 8.15 x 6.54 x 3.98 inches; 12.5 Ounces

UPC: ‎ 700306411981 096619670079

Manufacturer: ‎ Kirkland

ASIN: ‎ B088829MMM

2. Wild Planet Organic Roasted Chicken Breast 

                       best canned chicken brand 

Wild Planet Foods offers a wide variety of canned meat and seafood products, including organic canned chicken. It a delicious, healthy, healthy food.

Skinless, boneless whole canned chicken breasts are cooked in a can to help retain their natural flavors and other nutrients.

Delicious out of the box or perfect for healthy canned chicken recipes like salads, burgers, or soups for a quick, delicious, and nutritious meal with canned chicken.

This premium canned chicken is raised on an organic diet — including non-GMO foods.

USDA-certified organic free-range chicken

No added water, liquids, or modifying starches

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎ No

Product Dimensions: ‎ 3.2 x 3.2 x 1.2 inches; 4.99 Ounces

Item model number: ‎ 00269844

UPC: ‎ 829696002217

Manufacturer: ‎ Wild Planet, Inc.

ASIN: ‎ B019QD714Y

3. Swanson Premium White Chunk Chicken Breast 

                best canned chicken salad recipe  

Swanson's Premium Instant White Chicken Breasts are fully cooked to give you 15 grams of protein per 3 oz serving, perfect for quick and easy everyday snacks or recipes. canned chicken recipes, meet all your culinary needs.

Antibiotic-free chicken, made from farm-raised chicken in the United States. This canned chicken is 98% fat-free and doesn't have any added MSG or artificial flavors. You can easily add it to other ingredients like mayonnaise, celery, onion, and spices to make a delicious chicken salad or use it as a shortcut to recipes like buffalo chicken dip with canned chicken.

Just make sure you've drained all the liquid from the canned chicken before adding it to your salad mix for a main or side dish.


Each 12.5 oz. can have 3.5 servings

Delicious meals suitable for on-the-go

Product Dimensions: ‎ 4.06 x 4.06 x 5.31 inches; 1.56 Pounds

Item model number: ‎ 200000023355

UPC: ‎ 051000233554

Manufacturer: ‎ Campbell Soup Company


4. Kirkland Signature chicken breast  packed in water

                     best canned chicken prices  

Kirkland Signature canned chicken is a privately owned brand sold by Costco Wholesale Corporation. Domestically packaged canned chicken is a popular product in the market and is sought after by consumers at Costco stores.

This canned chicken is perfect for you to take with you on a trip so save your money. It's great for cooking absolutely perfectly from flavor to texture, and almost everything. Kirkland Signature canned chicken breasts are a great source of protein and can be a convenient and healthy addition to many other recipes.

Appreciation of the suitability of canned chicken recipes by consumers, who have tried several other brands of canned chicken and found this to be the best quality canned chicken they have ever purchased. 

Perfect from taste to texture

Canned chicken dinner recipes

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎ No

Package Dimensions: ‎ 8.07 x 6.46 x 3.94 inches; 4.68 Pounds

UPC: ‎ 096619510702

Manufacturer: ‎ Kirkland Signature


5. Valley Fresh Chicken Breast in Water with Rib Meat 

                  best canned chicken brand  

Meals with canned chicken is a great product for all kinds of recipes Valley Fresh.

The dark and white pieces of meat can be used in a variety of dishes or make the classic Caesar salad, perfect for both takeaway meals.

Make a light salad that is a great flavor-satisfying option for a family lunch or dinner along with a canned chicken salad recipe.

Canned chicken is fully cooked, and ready to eat, providing you with 9 grams of protein; 45 calories per serving, perfect for the part of a delicious quick meal.

With 100% natural ingredients. When it comes to Valley Fresh canned chicken, simple ingredients from a broth with rosemary and sea salt and minimal processing mean a good source of protein.

No preservatives added 

9 grams of protein

45 calories per serving 

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎ No

Package Dimensions: ‎ 12.24 x 8.31 x 3.86 inches; 1.23 Ounces

Item model number: ‎ 53424

UPC: ‎ 074785534241

Manufacturer: ‎ Valley Fresh


6. Swanson Premium White Chunk Chicken Breast

                    best canned chicken breast 

Swanson canned chicken perfectly cooked pieces of chicken for a delicious addition to your Swanson canned chicken recipes

A 12.5 oz can of Swanson White Premium Chunk Canned Chicken Breast in water, with 15 grams for a 3-ounce serving is a great source of your healthy protein

Premium white chicken without antibiotics is 98% fat-free, perfect for dieters with keto chicken nuggets with canned chicken.

You can eat it on crackers, add it to a salad, or any of these primrose healthy canned chicken recipes, and perfect for family meals.

For a chicken salad with pasta salad and even enchiladas or taquitos. It can be said that this is a great addition to your pantry and brings out the flavor of any dish you make.

Favorite chicken dishes

Excellent source of protein

Canned chicken chunks

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎ No

Product Dimensions: ‎ 3.99 x 3.99 x 2.24 inches; 12.48 Ounces

Item model number: ‎ 200000018806

UPC: ‎ 051000188069

Manufacturer: ‎ Swanson


7. Healthy Choice Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

                      best canned chicken soup 

While canned chicken soup can be a quick meal, its nutritional profile is high-quality with 20 grams of protein per serving combined to give you the Healthy Choice canned chicken soup experience.

Canned chicken soup is a soup made with chicken bone broth and other ingredients and then canned for long-term preservation.

Allows you to have a convenient and easy-to-prepare meal that can be enjoyed at home, at work, or on the go.

When you're ready to enjoy your canned chicken soup, simply open the container and pour the soup into a microwave-safe pot or bowl. Heat the soup until hot and serve.

Excellent taste

Fresh ingredients

Each serving contains 20 grams of protein

Package Dimensions: ‎ 12.28 x 9.02 x 4.57 inches; 15 Ounces

Manufacturer: ‎ AmazonUs/CBKZ9



Do you drain water from canned chicken?

You don't have to drain the water out of canned chicken, because the water in the can is usually a mixture of chicken broth and natural juices from the chicken. However, if you prefer a drier texture and want to get rid of excess sodium, drain the liquid and pat the chicken dry with a paper towel before using it in canned chicken recipes to suit the dish.

What to make with canned chicken?

Canned chicken is pre-cooked during the canning process, it's completely safe to eat right out of the box without further cooking. However, if you like you can prefer to reheat it before serving, to enhance the flavor or use it in a recipe that calls for cooked chicken. If you're using one of the best Canned chicken recipes, be sure to follow the recipe's cooking instructions to make sure it's cooked properly.

Why is canned chicken so tender?

Canned chicken is usually tender because it is pre-cooked using high heat and pressure during the canning process, which breaks down the connective tissue in the meat and makes the meat tender. Also, the liquid in the can, usually a mixture of chicken broth and natural juices from the chicken, helps keep the meat moist and tender. However, the tenderness of canned chicken can vary depending on the brand and quality of the product, as well as the specific type of chicken used.

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