The Primrose

The primrose path is an idiom that originates from people who want an easy and pleasant lifestyle

We don't want to lead you to the primrose path - Here we want to lead you only one way! That is, Knowledge! to perceive and solve many problems in modern life.

The primrose was formed in December 2019. When people are in financial crisis, for a reason... Maybe no one wants to repeat it again.

In a network of interlocking chains with the main producers at the bottom and We, the apex predators at the top.

Information about the products that we provide. make you know, machine-understandable, and will show up on every product, and supply chain!

A product is the utility of a commodity that satisfies you and has a use value like nutritious nuts.

It's slightly lower in protein than meat or fish, but it's packed with minerals and vitamins, a variety of heart-healthy nutrients.

Seeds contain a source of energy for germination, a relatively large amount of calories, for the plant to grow.

In a healthy diet, omega-3 fatty acids from nutritious nuts cannot be mentioned. Used in recipes, eaten raw, or roasted as a snack by humans.

Food is consumed for energy, nutritional support, and essential substances such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, by humans.

Humans are highly adaptable, to suit the food offered by the food industry.

Foods are classified in different ways, including the basic groups' Fruits, Cereals and Bread, Milk, and Meats.

From the basic food groups above. Let's take the example of "fruit". It refuses to be a dessert after outdoor parties of primrose summer camps, but it can even be Fruit juice to take with you.

It is consumed as an indispensable common beverage, used to enhance flavor, as an ingredient in other beverages, or as a flavoring in foods.

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