Things That Start With F: The 9 Best Food Steamers of 2024

An electric food steamer is a kitchen appliance used to steam different types of food, it steams food using steam heat

The best food steamer is one of the steamers favored by consumers, it is a small kitchen appliance that uses recipes to prepare different types of food, and it steams food using steam heat, this cooking method is called steaming.

Most steamers also have storage compartments such as 3-tier and 2-tier steamers. Designed in highly durable stainless steel or glass, it aims to retain all nutrients (which would otherwise be lost as water vapor). Unlike cooking techniques such as boiling, or using a rice cooker, these nutrients are often lost because most are eliminated after cooking.

Nowadays, due to health problems, food steamers are widely used in restaurants, and people who need to lose weight are on healthy diets such as minced meat cuisine, some diets. raw food diet, Okinawa diet, macrobiotic diet, or CRON diet.

By Fred Herman

The Best Type of Food Steamer for Your Kitchen 

Food steamers help save a lot of time in the kitchen. Compared to regular cooking, using a food steamer is more popular and used by many people, because it can be applied to recipes. Cook and cook a lot of food. Frying can cause us to suffer from dangerous diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and stroke.

A food steamer helps make family meals richer, quickly processing simple foods such as vegetables, tubers, fruits, eggs, and corn... to elaborate, complicated dishes like steaming fish, and steaming meat... boring work in the kitchen before, never coming back!

It's a 3-in-1 solution every time you go to the kitchen, you need to prepare all the ingredients and marinate. Setting the time and pressing the timer button is ok, no need to cook or spend much time in the kitchen, suitable for busy people.

The Best Food Steamer To Buy

It is difficult to choose for your family the best food steamer, you need to find out your family's cooking needs. Which food steamer should be used appropriately? Therefore, I will introduce the following 10 best food steamers.

This food steamer not only saves you a lot of time but also helps you make more delicious dishes when you use the food steamer to steam all kinds of meats...

Digital food steamer cabinets. With the Intuitive Digital Display, 6 preset programs for different foods, and a 99-minute timer, you can get the perfect...

Food steamer, detachable stainless steel bottom, you can also use each tray for separate food layers, if need a larger food steamer...

Food steamer with a capacity of 9 liters and a tray of 1.1 liters of rice, you can steam a variety of foods: potatoes, chicken, rice, fish... 

Oil-free and smokeless, this food steamer is not too expensive for the buyer either. Ideal for steaming rice, vegetables, meat, and fish...

COSTWAY's 3-story electric food steamer will be a great kitchen assistant for your home! Food steamer: with food-grade translucent PP plastic material...

Aramox powerful 1500W steam food steamer that heats quickly and cooks evenly, all types: vegetables, fish, eggs, or rice, so you can cook as much food as you want. 3-layer food steamer with a large capacity of 3L...

Multi-function food steamer, whether you only cook simple dishes for your family or want to serve delicious dishes like at a restaurant, KANING's food steamer can meet your needs... 

Joydeem food steamer helps you retain more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes than traditional cooking. The food steamer will soften the fibers of vegetables and fruits...

The 9 Best Food Steamer Reviews

It's time to thoroughly analyze the effects of each type of steamer, and see the specifications and brand of the food steamer that's right for you. Carefully read the supplier's specifications, to find yourself the best food steamer.

1. Quest 35220 3-Tier Compact Food Steamer

          The best food steamer on the market  

This 3-in-1 food steamer not only helps shorten the time spent in the kitchen but also helps cook more delicious dishes when used to steam meat, fish, vegetables, tubers, and fruits.

Nutrients are retained and not lost, which will support overall health. Cook 3 different dishes and only take time for one, a simple cooking method.

The food steamer has a 60-minute timer function, ideal for turning the stove on and off for a while. Cook the most exquisite dishes and the most adventurous cooking ideas than chocolate pudding

Food steamer with 3 tiers and included rice bowl.

Stainless steel base

The steamer has a 60-minute timer

Plastic discs are slightly small

2. NaturoPure Food Steamer 

Best food steamer all in one by professionals  

Digital food steamer, intuitive digital display, 6 preset programs for different foods, and 99-minute timer.

A foldable storage box, smaller storage space, and removable dividers provide flexibility in size, suitable for all family sizes.

Perfect recipes. There is no need to boil water to cook food to avoid releasing nutrients.

Using a food steamer to cook allows us to retain more nutrients in food than conventional cooking methods.

6 Preset programs 

Durable stainless steel housing

A boil-dry prevention mechanism turns the device off if water runs out

Not suitable for small families

3. Duronic Food Steamer FS87 

       Best food steamer for baby           

The electric food steamer has a modern, fully functional design instead of having to use multiple pots, the stainless steel bottom is removable, and you can also use each tray for separate layers of food.

A compact cage design and steam tray can preserve food. Don't spend extra money buying food storage containers in the refrigerator, once you own the Duronic FS87 food steamer.

It can be adapted as a steaming recipe for a plant-based vegan diet or simply for those who like to incorporate more nutrients into their diet. Easy to clean, you can disassemble the food steamer and put it in the dishwasher.

Auto-off function for safety

The FS87 has a programmable timer function 

Steaming is faster and far more energy-efficient compared to boiling

Trays are a bit difficult to install

4. Tefal Vitacuisine Compact VS4003 Food Steamer

                           Best food steamer brands 

Multi-function food steamer, capacity of up to 10.3 liters, designed according to modern standards, durable materials.

The food steamer has a capacity of 1800W, helping water boil quickly and create steam after only 15 seconds. Heat is provided continuously throughout the cooking process, preserving the flavor and nutritional quality of food.

Powerful food steamer helps you cook quickly. It can help steam more food for more people, shortening the time and effort to prepare food.

The “Vitamin+” function allows to retain more vitamins in food and shortens steaming time. Set separate steaming times for each type of food.

Food steamer with Vitamin + function

Modern style, beautiful design


5. Russell Hobbs 21140 3-Tier Food Steamer

             Best food steamer to buy 

Oil-free and smoke-free for steaming rice, vegetables, meat, and fish, the three-tier steamer offers one of the healthiest ways to cook to minimize nutrient and vitamin loss.

The food steamer has two water lines on each side, so you can easily fill your steamer with water. The juice from the upper baskets will drip into the lower baskets.

The food steamer ensures everything is cooked evenly, from vegetables to meat and fish. In addition, it can be used to cook rice, if you are a fan of Asian cuisine.

Ideal for steaming rice, vegetables, meat, and fish

Three separate basket layers 

With two water inlets

Anh Standard socket

6. COSTWAY Food Steamer Vegetable Steamer 3 Tier Stackable Baskets 20 Quart

                              Best food steamer basket 

COSTWAY 3-layer electric food steamer, transparent PP plastic material helps you easily observe the status of food steaming without opening the top lid.

1000W capacity, 3 steaming baskets can hold 20 liters of food or vegetables, large enough to meet the steaming needs of family parties.

The steamer can heat quickly and evenly. The capacity of the 3 compartments of the food steamer can be stacked up to 20 liters to hold vegetables, fish, eggs, or rice, so you can cook as many dishes as you like.

The safe pre-timer function helps save time compared to other conventional food steamers.

Healthy Steamer

Fast heat up and cook evenly

Capacity for 3 Tiers: 20 Quart

Food gets stuck in the holes in the tray when cleaning

7. Electric Food Steamer, 3L Stainless Steel Anti-Dry Burning Safety Protection Steamer

                        Best food steamer stainless steel  

Aramox stainless steel food steamer with 1500W capacity, new computer control panel provides a variety of menus, making it easy to choose the dishes you want to steam.

Automatically protects against dry burning, and automatically cuts off power when lacking water. Heats quickly and cooks all types of vegetables, fish, eggs, or rice evenly. Helps save a lot of time making delicious breakfasts and dinners.

The food steamer machine is easy to operate and the elderly can also use it with peace of mind. Modern and advanced equipment with high technology, food steamer equipment is strictly tested before being put on the market.

Unction: Steaming/boiling/stewing/simmering/rinsing

Rated Frequency: 50Hz

Weight: Approx. 3450g / 121.7oz

Small capacity 3L

8. KANING 3 Layer Steamer Spare Drawer Rice Noodle Roll Steaming Machine

                  The best food steamer for a beginner 

The food steamer is uniquely designed, the steamer is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the handle is reinforced and thicker.

The surface of the food steamer is flat to ensure even heat, and a small texture, and is convenient for storage. Can steam dough, sausages, rice flour, meatballs,... along with many other delicious dishes

Multi-purpose food steamer, whether you just cook simple dishes for the family or want to serve delicious dishes like at a restaurant. KANING can easily meet your needs.


Food-grade stainless steel

Compact shape, convenient for storage

Low vapor compartment

9. Joydeem YN-S102 Foldable Electric Food Steamer for Cooking

              The best food steamer ratings 

Joydeem food steamer is resistant to PCTG and high temperatures and does not contain BPA, so it is especially good for health and safety.

Softens vegetables and fruits, helping the body absorb most of the nutrients. Autoclaving technology keeps food safe from bacteria.

Special food steamer material can retain more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes than traditional cooking methods.

You only need to order 0.5-24 hours in advance to prepare your dinner or Monday meal. Free your hands, time to prepare dessert.

0.5-24 hour Preset

FDA certification


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