Top 7 Best Juicer To Buy In 2022

By Fred Herman

The benefits of the Juicer ensure to keep all the vitamins in the juice, simple to use, safe and useful


Today juicer is used by every family as an effective aid to support the supply and supplement of essential vitamins for the body. If you are still wondering whether to choose a juicer for your family. Let's take a look at Primrose through some of the practical benefits of the juicer and make a buying decision

Juicer for quick processing of nutritious drinks from fruits and vegetables.

Uses beautiful skin, supplementing essential nutrients for the body as well as helping to prevent.

avoiding and curing certain diseases of natural fruits and vegetables that increase the need to tolerate these foods for the human body, However, nutrients can be lost through the processing and cooking of vegetables and fruits, so the replacement with juices is practical and reasonable.

The juicer ensures all vitamins are available in the juice:

With the principle of operation is crushing and grinding small fruits and vegetables; separating water from the residue by centrifugal force, the juicer not only ensures the same flavor of fruits or vegetables in the juice but also ensures to maintain the maximum amount of nutrients available in the materials that are fed into the press, a glass of deliciously rich juice, rich in vitamins and enzymes essential for the body to be processed simply and quickly.

Simple to use, safe, and useful:

Currently, juicer types are also equipped with a safe shut-off mode, an anti-slip base ensures user safety and increases machine durability.

What Are The Best Juicer Products?

You choose for your family a good Juicer, you need to learn the manufacturer's brands? Make the right choice and buy yourself the Best Juicer.

Best compact: Hurom Juicer

The H-100 juicer you really can't miss is its suite of advanced technical features. The juicer's new cleaning system is extremely convenient...

Best rate speed: Bagotte Juicer

The fruit juicer is upgraded to 800W, the Bagotte DB-002 fruit juicer is equipped with a 1100ml juice bottle and a 2500ml pulp filter...

Best engine: Biochef Juicer

BioChef juicer asynchronous 350w and 40 rpm induction motor, maximum power with cold pressing advantage, Juicer works...

Best slow crusher: AICOOK Juicer

Exclusive sorbet accessories allow you to enjoy various homemade fruit ice creams such as banana, blackberry, strawberry, and mango ice cream...

Durable DC motor that runs at only 60rpm using less energy and lasts longer! Quiet operation – noise level below 60dB...

Best design: Tribest Juicer

The 2 gears design juicer contains bio-ceramic magnets in their cores that pull maximum minerals...

Best slow pressing: R Ultra Juicer

R Ultra slow juicer is one of the most popular juicers, the JR Ultra 8000 'S' slow juicer with large feed chute...

Shop related juicer products

Philips HR1889/71 Viva Cold Press Masticating Slow Juicer

Save time and start juicing faster with a wide mouth 70mm feeding tube. Masticating technology releases nutritional goodness from fruits, vegetables with up to 80% extraction.

Masticating Juicers

Homever 2020 best upgrade masticating juicer has been improved while maintaining the original appearance, which is more convenient to use, and has improved the natural nutrition

 Slow Masticating Juicer

CIRAGO Slow Masticating Juicer (80RPM) preserves the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, trace minerals, and nutrients from being destroyed as opposed to centrifugal juicers.

Powerful Masticating Juicer

As a masticating juicer, the auger spins at 60 RPM that preserves the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, trace minerals

Centrifugal Juicer Machine

The blender comes with a portable juice cup, which is compact and fits into your handbag or backpack for easy going out. Essential for outdoor and fishing and other outdoor activities.

Sage SJE530BSS The Nutri Juicer

A Sage Nutri Juicer with Cold Spin Technology and an Italian-made precision mesh filter, you’ll avoid damage to vitamins and minerals from heat and processing

Top 7 Best Juicer Reviews

In order for you to fully understand the juicer works, supplier specifications, and brands of juicer, please check my analysis for which brand is best.

1/ Hurom H-100 Vertical Juice Extractor

(Best compact)

The compact, H-100 juicer is made entirely of Bpa-free polymers and has been added with a host of exclusive and innovative features.

The H-100 juicer you really can't miss is its suite of advanced technical features. The juicer's new cleaning system is extremely convenient, the new juicer increases productivity up to 95%, and a new waste drainage system expands a variety of extracts.

The filter of the fine mesh split juicer consists of two units that are combined together, when they are separated, the filter cleaning will be extremely convenient. More time for you to experience the juicer! The new juicer is designed to minimize residual waste in the jar and in the lower part of the juicer. This innovation has the potential to yield 95% juice yields.

The H-100 Has A Completely New Design Both Aesthetic And Functional: New Transparent Cap, New Ignition Key And Waste, New Carafes For Garbage And Juice.

Technical Details

Brand: Hurom

Model Number: H-100 BLACK

Package Dimensions: 37.5 x 33.5 x 31 cm; 5 Kilograms

Item Weight: 5 kg

2/ Juicer, Bagotte Upgraded 85mm Wide Mouth Large Juicer Machine

(Best rate speed)

The fruit juicer is upgraded to 800W, the Bagotte DB-002 fruit juicer is equipped with a 1100ml juice bottle and a 2500ml pulp filter. The largest feeder 3.3", you can put both apples or pears in the juice, no need to cut them. The juicer is quiet and early mornings are great when you make fresh juices for the whole family in just two minutes.

The juicer is equipped with a powerful motor with a maximum speed of 23500R / min (Max). Includes 2-speed modes, "Ⅰ" which are low speed, for soft fruits and vegetables like oranges, watermelon, tomatoes, etc .; "Ⅱ" is the high speed, intended for hard foods like carrots, celery, ginger, etc. Drip-resistant design, no need to worry about juice spills anywhere.

Bagotte juicer lets you finish the cleaning job in just two minutes. When the temperature exceeds 105 degrees, the electric motor will stop automatically. And the safety lock for the switch is specially designed to ensure safety during use.

Technical Details

Brand: Bagotte

Package Dimensions: 42.79 x 38.2 x 23.8 cm; 5.01 Kilograms

Material: Stainless Steel

Item Weight: 5.01 kg

3/ Biochef Atlas Total Slow Juicer Pro

(Best engine)

BioChef juicer asynchronous 350w and 40 rpm induction motor, maximum power with cold pressing advantage, Juicer works for 60 minutes to produce 40 liters of juice (I have tested with apples).

The fruit juicer has a large aperture to squeeze whole fruits, Wide mouth (8 x 8 cm) to squeeze whole fruits and vegetables like apples, oranges (peeled) carrots ... put into the juicer tree without pruning.

You will be truly impressed with the design of the juicer, allowing for easy and convenient operation for beginners. The inner design allows the juicer to have an easy-open space during operation, the juicer produces no heat or friction.

The food is cold-pressed using the juicer, which enables all the nutrients and enzymes to be obtained. Suitable for production: vegetable and fruit juices, vegetable milk, sorbets and creams, purees, spreads from dried fruit, herbal juices, sauces like hummus, pesto.

Technical Details

Brand: BioChef

Model Number: BCWA350

Colour: Black

Item Weight: 9.86 Kg

Package Dimensions: 38 x 35 x 30 cm

Power / Wattage: 350 watts

Auto Shutoff: No

4/ AICOOK Juicer Machines, 3in Large Feed Chute, Stainless Steel Slow Masticating 200W

(Best slow crusher)

Cold pressing is one of the most effective ways to easily access vitamins and minerals allowing you to enjoy homemade fruit ice creams like banana, blackberry, strawberry, and mango ice cream.

Safety lock design, the juicer's touch-pad is easy to use, with reverse function to prevent jamming and help you clean it takes less than a minute to assemble and disassemble all the parts. The juicer body is made of stainless steel and all parts are made of food-grade antioxidant materials.

The juicer is used to make baby food at home, it is quite beneficial that you can feed your baby fresh products that are nutritious and easy to digest.

Product information

Product Dimensions: 20 x 11.2 x 13.6 inches

Item Weight: 12.54 pounds

Manufacturer: Aicook


Item model number: SJ-Z1

5/ Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra Power

(Best budget)

Modern stainless steel juicer, sleek and low stand. Food grade stainless steel cutting disc surrounded by an Italian-made micro-mesh filter to extract more juice.

The juicer protection system will shut down the juicer if the motor is overloaded and overheated due to an unstable power supply, improper assembly.

On a budget, you'll have a juicer that delivers the power of larger, bulkier, and more expensive juicers but costs less.

You can make juice using whole fruits and vegetables in some cases. Natural flavors are preserved due to the mastication process. Well-suited for hard to juice leafy greens, grasses, sprouts, and herbs.

Product information

Package Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 9 inches

Item Weight: 2.2 pounds

Department: SD80A

Manufacturer: Mueller Austria


Item model number: SD80A

6/ Tribest Gold Star Juicer

(Best design)

The 2 gears design juicer contains bio-ceramic magnets in their cores that pull maximum minerals into the juice while reducing oxidation for a fresher juice with shelf life. For longer, ensure every drop of nutrition from your fruits and vegetables.

The juicer can squeeze the fruits and vegetables of almost anything from hard roots to fibrous stalks to even the toughest leafy greens.

The juicer uses bio-ceramic magnets, with virtually no or very little heat transfer, thus helping to retain the enzyme content and preserve even the most fragile nutrients.

Product information

Product Name: TRIBEST - Gold Star Juicer - Fruit and Vegetable Blender - Juice More - Bio Ceramic Magnets - Replaceable Parts

Weight: 10.4 Kilograms

Volume: 10400 liters

Brand: Tribest

7/ JR Ultra 8000 S Multipurpose Whole Slow Juicer

(Best slow pressing)

JR Ultra slow juicer is one of the most popular juicers, the JR Ultra 8000 'S' slow juicer with a large feed chute allows you to add a wider variety of food inform the whole grain, reducing the need for shredding makes it much easier for pressing and cleaning.

The juicer is standard slow and includes nodules to improve the juicing of all ingredients including tough greens and celery.

The JR Ultra 8000 S is the most feature-rich slow juicer you can buy. With its sleek curves and stylish mirrored logos, this appliance looks good in any kitchen.

Slow juicer at 60 rpm, JR 8000 S produces the most nutritious juices full of live enzymes and vitamins. The slow rotation of the juicer and the reduced need for shredding means that the JR 8000 S produces a juice that is less likely to be layered and much less oxidized than other juicers.

Technical Details

Brand: JR Ultra

Model Number: JR-8000S

Colour: Premium Silver With Black Handle

Item Weight: 7 Kg

Auto Shutoff: No

Runtime: 30 minutes


You have seen the juicer of the manufacturer. If you are still wondering whether to buy or not then please consult my helpful answers to decide. Why? You need to buy and buy the best juicer.

How to increase nutrients for the body?

The working principle of the juicer is crushing and grinding all kinds of vegetables and fruits - separating the water from the residue thanks to the centrifugal force, the juicer helps to keep the flavor of fruits or vegetable tubers in the juice while also ensuring that the maximum amount of nutrients available in the ingredients are fed into the juicer.

How to quickly prepare nutritional drinks?

Nutrients can be lost when you prepare and cook fruits and vegetables, so it makes sense to use juices instead. However, if you use the juicer, it will add nutrients quickly to the body, and help prevent a number of diseases from natural fruits and vegetables to increase the need for tolerance. These nutrients are for the human body.

Does it create a more nutritious, delicious taste?

Many customers when using the juicer claim that the juice of this device tastes better than conventional machines. This you should experience the practice to feel this wonderful use.

Is it making more juice?

Thanks to great pressure on the fruit due to the special design of the juicer. Helps the juicer to crush more thoroughly and squeeze the food to the maximum thus creating more water. Usually, the amount of juice produced by the juicer is 30% more than other machines. Thus, when using the juicer you will save money and use it more effectively.

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