The 7 Best Canned Soups of 2023

Canned soup offers many nutritional benefits to the body, as it provides your body with essential minerals and nutrients such as collagen and vitamins

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When prepared with bone broth, meat, or vegetables. This canned soup can provide many nutritional benefits to your body because it provides your body with essential minerals and nutrients such as collagen and vitamins.

By Fred Herman

The Best Canned Soups Healthy

Are Canned Soups Healthy? 

Perhaps you are wondering if the canned soup is healthy Talking about the nutritional value of canned soup is absolutely healthy. But how nutritious is canned soup? It depends on how it's made and how you use it.

Healthiest canned soup, eating soup regularly will add some vitamins and some fiber to the body, good for health and the digestive system. In addition, canned soup also helps you prevent other potential risks such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or obesity that we often encounter today.

How Long Does Canned Soup Last?

Canned soups have a clear expiry date, such as crab soup with a shelf life of 15 months, red bean soup for 24 months… there are canned soups with a longer shelf life.

However, how do you store this canned soup? You need to keep it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

If you have opened the lid and have not used it all, you should store it in the refrigerator and use it within a short time to avoid losing its nutritional value.

What Is The Best Canned Soup? 


Talking about Amy's you probably think of farmers in the fields, growing organic foods to have great dishes that meet the taste, taste, and culinary needs of people around the world. 

Amy's is one of the pioneers in the organic food industry and Amy's Canned Soup is one of the many products loved by customers around the world.

Because Amy's meets the high standards of quality that help food lovers have delicious meals that are convenient and easy to prepare, just heat up and take a few minutes to serve for a delicious bowl of soup.


Campbell's, with pride in making food for more than 150 years, has created nutritious, delicious, family-friendly dishes, including iconic brands like Campbell's Chunky Soup. So how was the "chunky canned soup" born?

In early 1960 a new Campbell's study inspired the creation of a hearty soup, ready to serve. But it wasn't until 1970 that the name Campbell's Chunky was a canned soup and the first four types of Chunky to be marketed in the 1970s were Chunky Beef, Chunky Vegetable, Chunky Turkey, and Chunky Chicken.

Our Top Picks

Best For Weight Loss: Amy's Soup, Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic Chunky Vegetable, Low Fat

6 cans of 14.3 oz canned soup, Amy's organic vegetable soup is convenient and easy to prepare. For those who are following a keto diet, naturally low in fat, with only 1.5g of fat per cup. It's good for your health...

Best For Taste: Healthy Choice Country Vegetable Soup

Use a fresh blend of country vegetables. This canned soup is low in fat and saturated fat, controls sodium and cholesterol, it's really good for your health...

Best For Kids: Annie’s Creamy Tomato & Bunny Pasta Canned Soup

Made with organic ingredients, Annie's Creamy Tomato & Bunny Pasta canned soup is kid-approved in over 20 family-friendly categories...

Best Organic: Amy's Soup, Gluten Free, Organic Chunky Tomato Bisque

Amy's Vegan Canned Soup is an organic product made from ripe tomatoes with organic tomatoes, celery, and organic cream. The best low-sodium canned soup!..

Best Overall: Campbell's Condensed 25% Less Sodium Chicken Noodle Soup

Each soup can is recyclable, provides about 2.5 servings, and has an easy-to-open lid, a perfect treat. In particular, canned soup flavors!...

Best For Recipes: Campbell's Chunky Steak & Potato Soup

Campbell's Steak and Potato Soup, with a rich flavor that never fails to excite even the most food cravings, this instant canned soup features tender potatoes and beef in a beef broth...

Best To Eat: Progresso Rich & Hearty, New England Clam Chowder Soup

To warm up the coldest days, feel the rich, warm satisfaction of Progresso Clam Chowder canned soup. Excellent line of perfect products for over 100 years...

The 7 Best Canned Soup Reviews

Check out our review of the Best canned soup brands. Take some time to read these 7 Best canned soup reviews:

1/ Amy's Soup, Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic Chunky Vegetable, Low Fat

                                           Best canned soup for weight loss 

If you need the best low-carb canned soup for weight loss, then this organic vegetable canned soup will be a good choice for you.

Ingredients including carrots, spinach, green beans, and sweet peas... will make this canned soup simply tastier not only you and the whole family will love. Because Chunky Vegetable Flavor is low in fat.

It's completely convenient and only takes a few minutes to prepare, you just need to heat it up and have a delicious bowl of soup

Although it is a bit expensive compared to other brands of canned soup, it is considered by consumers to be the healthiest canned soup for weight loss.

Low Fat Chunky Vegetable

Certified Kosher

USDA-Certified Organic

Package Dimensions: ‎ 9.21 x 6.06 x 4.49 inches; 14.3 Ounces

Item model number: ‎ 20042272005400

Manufacturer: ‎ Amazon Us/AMYF9

ASIN: ‎ B08KB23B4Z

2/ Healthy Choice Country Vegetable Soup

                         Best canned soups for taste 

Healthy Choice Canned Soup brand is perhaps too familiar for those who regularly eat canned soup. Because, it is made from fresh ingredients, along with herbs for the most unique delicious taste.

With just 16g net carbs per serving, this canned soup gives you low-sodium meals, from tender meats to a mix of veggies like carrots, corn, potatoes, celery, zucchini, and zucchini, peas.

It's easy to help you not only keep your sodium and cholesterol in check, but it's also a great source of important nutrients like protein, vitamin A, iron, and zinc. Voted by customers as the healthiest canned soup.

Low in fat and saturated fat

Perfect for a healthy lifestyle

The fresh medley of hearty country vegetables

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎ No

Product Dimensions: ‎ 2.95 x 2.95 x 4.41 inches; 11.25 Pounds

Item model number: ‎ 4205

UPC: ‎ 030684872396 050100402624

Manufacturer: ‎ ConAgra Foods Inc.


3/ Annie’s Creamy Tomato & Bunny Pasta Canned Soup

                                   Best canned soup for kids 

It can be said that, depending on the stage of child development, nutritional composition is important. Perhaps soup is one of the indispensable dishes for children.

Annie's canned soup is one of more than 20 categories accepted by families with children.

Each serving includes tomato cream soup with 2.5g saturated fat, plus 0g Trans Fat, giving you dietary nutrients that contribute to your child's daily diet.

A good canned soup, which is quick and easy to prepare, just 1.5 to 3 minutes in the microwave, is a delicious meal for kids. That's why you always need Annie's Creamy Tomato & Bunny Pasta canned soup in your kitchen.

Saturated Fat 2.5g, Trans Fat 0g

Half a cup of vegetables per serving

No preservatives, or artificial flavors.

Product Dimensions: ‎ 3 x 3 x 4.43 inches; 14.07 Ounces

Item model number: ‎ 10013562101198

UPC: ‎ 013562101191

Manufacturer: ‎ General Mills

ASIN: ‎ B07F32NN37

4/ Amy's Soup, Gluten Free, Organic Chunky Tomato Bisque

                               Best canned soups organic 

If you want a soup that tastes great, Amy's Canned Soup is for you, an organic product made with ripe tomatoes simmered to perfection.

With organic tomato, celery, and cream ingredients… give you 2g of saturated fat, 3g protein, and 3g fiber to make Amy's low-sodium canned soup.

It is perfectly suited for a family-style vegetarian and vegan diet. High-quality canned soup classic, combined with perfect seasoning and delicious taste, it's a bit pricey but has better quality and taste when compared to other canned soups.

Easy to prepare convenient for you sometimes too busy to cook, just heat in a few minutes for a delicious bowl of soup

USDA-Certified Organic 

Suitable for vegetarian and kosher diets

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎ No

Product Dimensions: ‎ 12.2 x 9 x 4.5 inches; 10.8 Pounds

Item model number: ‎ 042272005864

UPC: ‎ 042272005864

Manufacturer: ‎ Amy's Kitchen

ASIN: ‎ B000G176D2

5/ Campbell's Condensed 25% Less Sodium Chicken Noodle Soup

                                      Best canned soups healthy 

Start your day with a flavor of canned soup, and add some fresh herbs or sliced avocado to explode with that special, wonderful flavor you and your family know and love.

Campbell's Canned Soup Concentrate, made with the highest quality ingredients, gives you 60 calories per 10-ounce serving. This low-calorie canned soup is a great start to your meal.

Healthy canned soup. Concentrated chicken noodle soup is made from chicken broth, egg noodles, and tender chicken raised on antibiotic-free farms.

The perfect dish for you to store in your pantry, and ready to serve for lunch or dinner is the secret ingredient in your recipes.

Less Sodium Chicken Noodle Soup

Recyclable 10.75-ounce can of soup

The start of any great meal 

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎ No

Product Dimensions: ‎ 2.69 x 2.69 x 4.06 inches; 10.75 Ounces

Item model number: ‎ 200000016680

UPC: ‎ 651208748777

Manufacturer: ‎ Campbell's


6/ Campbell's Chunky Steak & Potato Soup

                              Best canned soup recipes 

Canned soup recipes for you when you go to the kitchen with Campbell's Chunky. Enjoy and enjoy with this canned beef and vegetable soup with tender potatoes and 13 grams of protein for an 18.8 oz serving.

The rich flavor seasoned with the perfect seasoning will make this canned soup unforgettable. Not only does it make it easy to prepare, but it's also perfect to help you with different recipes when eaten with a sandwich or a green salad.

Campbell's canned soup can provide you or your whole family with essentials without leaving the house. Even if you're camping outdoors with no electricity or a fridge, and nothing but a can opener.

Perfect for eating at home

Each can have 13 grams of protein

Campbell's Chunky savory meat soups

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎ No

Package Dimensions: ‎ 13.19 x 10.83 x 5.2 inches; 1.18 Pounds

Item model number: ‎ 200000006799

UPC: ‎ 051000067999

Manufacturer: ‎ Campbell's Chunky


7/ Progresso Rich & Hearty, New England Clam Chowder Soup

                             Best canned soups to eat 

When you have used too many canned soups such as vegetables or meat... it makes you feel bored. Try Progresso Rich & Hearty New England's Clam Chowder Canned Soup now.

Feel the rich, warm satisfaction of real potatoes and clams for a creamy clam soup perfect for a meal when served with toast or fresh bread for the coldest of days.

Quality ingredients are found in the line of traditional New England canned soups to create delicious flavors.

It is a little thin, but the soup is delicious enough to satisfy the most demanding foodies. Seems to be a good overall value of a perfect clam chowder canned soup.


Natural Flavor

Whey Protein Concentrate

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎ No

Product Dimensions: ‎ 12 x 12 x 12 inches; 2.23 Ounces

Item model number: ‎ 4119691415

Manufacturer: ‎ Progresso Soups

ASIN: ‎ B00434J10E


How to make canned soup better?

Culinary FAQ, How to make canned soup better? If you are someone who wants to diversify your family's diet and make dishes richer.

Canned soup makes it easy to prepare when you need to combine it with other dishes in the kitchen, as well as simple to increase the number of vegetables for the body that is eating soup every day.

The thing to keep in mind is to be careful when cooking as seasonings and other ingredients when you add them may not be good for your health by increasing the sodium and calories in the broth.

How to reduce sodium in canned soup?

Most of more than 40% of the sodium we consume each day comes from packaged, processed foods that we buy at the supermarket. To find out how much sodium is in a food, checking the information on the product label will help you control the sodium content per serving.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, soup is ranked 5th among the 10 foods high in sodium. So, when using canned soup you eat it with bread or fresh vegetables (one slice of white bread contains only 80-230 mg of sodium). Also, when you shop at the supermarket, only buy low-sodium canned soup products, so that each meal has less than 600 mg of sodium.

How long after the expiration date is canned soup good?

Like many canned products, such as meat and fish, canned soups have a shelf life of up to 2 years if unopened, or unopened.

Normally, canned soup products can still be used after the expiry date stated on the label, but they must be in good condition, not dented or rusted, and not swollen. However, its taste will be significantly reduced.

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